Saturday, July 3, 2010

Patriotic Tribute

I actually drafted this post a couple days ago and called it something else.  But since July 4th is so close I decided to rewrite it-kind of.  I have been in such a funk for so long, (over a year), that I really have not felt like sewing much.  I have had a lot happen to me the past year that I won’t go into now.  And that is one reason I redid my sewing room to motivate me, and I think it has helped as I have been spending more time back here and I found things and I have definitely been re-inspired.

My Dear Jane® retreat group is working on a border robin.  Several newbies wanted to do a round robin but did not feel comfortable working on others’ projects so we came up with a way for them to be able to achieve the effect and gain the skills for another time-maybe.  We’ll see how this time goes.  It will be their fabric choices and their workmanship, but they have to draw for the element what their round has to contain. 

100_0277 I decided to participate in this after just finishing a round robin with 6 others.  (Why do I keep doing this to myself?)  This is my finished top from that round robin.  I would very much like to thank Paula, Mary Louise, Sarah, Sheila and Pat for making my center look so wonderful.  This will have a Civil War toile on the back.  My center was inspired from a Feathered Star quilt in the Virginia state book and I redrafted a block from Block Base to get exactly what I wanted.

For the individual border robin I decided I would try a miniature.  Well, I fell way behind on my center.  While redoing my room, I found an appliqué pattern I had prepared with freezer paper for machine appliqué.  I decided I would make this block for my center for my border robin and try to catch up, but I hand appliquéd it instead.  I have 4 rounds to do before I will be caught up.  There is a total of 6 rounds plus the center.

I chose a very unusual pattern that a friend and I had noticed in a catalog from the 1950’s.  Mrs. Scioto Danner had a home-based pattern business and I was lucky enough to track down a copy of her Prince’s Feather pattern before I found that her patterns were online.  Thanks Peggy!  You can find how to get it here.  I adapted the pattern a bit to make it fill a 24” block a little better.  You can contact me about my pattern if you are interested.  You will need the original for the border pattern.

The original quilt is in the Denver Art Museum.  It was made c. 1829 and traveled from Kentucky to California in 1853.  I have seen the full quilt in only one catalog or book of the Denver Art Museum: Quilts and Coverlets and there is also a side (border) of it showing towards the back of The Quilt that Walked to Golden by Sandra Dallas.

The original is red, green and yellow solids on white and had 12 blocks, with a border that sort of echoes the block.  I have plans to make 4 blocks of that color way.  I have 1/2 block appliquéd by back basting.  This particular is red, white and blue.  I seem to be stuck on both those 2 color combinations.  My DJ is red and green and my round robin, which I absolutely love, is too as you saw above.  I decided, if I should draw Words, Script or Theme for a round, my words or theme will be something like “Founding Fathers”.  So instead of calling this block Prince’s Feather, I would call it Princes’ Feather, a tribute to all the men who fought and founded our great nation.

Here is my block.  I hope you enjoy it’s beauty as much as I do.  I will be sure to post my finished project, as soon as I finish it.  Hopefully that will only be months for a change.


Everyone enjoy a safe and sparkling 4th!

Sew Having Fun,


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do I Need Any More Tins?

Here I am, 4 weeks after separation surgery;  I still have one open spot on the skin graft on the top of the middle finger.  It’s a place where a knot was and the knot was basically embedded.  It’s definitely taking awhile to heal. Most of the rest is healed, except for little bumps where the stitches were, which I figure are inflamed nerves.  I have started physical therapy 3 times a week.  It seems slow going to me, but I have made some progress after almost 2 weeks.

I thought I would give you a preview of my room.  I am going to start with my tins.  I have so many they will make for a post all in their own.  I like old (and new) advertising tins.  Or tins that the product actually came in, as long as it’s not too cute, like M & M®’s.

First, before I redid my room I just had tins above the windows above the windows on south wall-over 19 feet.  Now I have double that and I still have tins that are not out, a lot that are older than what is out in my room.  Here are 2 views of the south wall.  

This one below is looking east.


This one is looking west.


 This is my east wall,  which is just over 11 feet long.


And then I have 3 specialty groupings.  One is really not considered tins, but there are tin signs on the wall as well as one of my JANIAC license plates.  You can still see that it reflects the light from the flash.  I did not need new plates         


 Above my yardage fabric and book shelves, about 8 feet  total, I have my sewing related tins.  I wanted to put them above my sewing area but I ran out of room fast!


And my last specialty wall is my Coke® wall.  I have always collected Coke things when I saw things I liked or could afford.  (And I don’t drink Coke®).    The trays I picked up when  I was in high school for $1.79 each at the local Super Valu grocery store.  They are over 30 years old, probably close to 40.  I bought them before I graduated and I have been out 34 years.


So there is most of the pictures I have taken so far.  You got a sneak peek at my renovated sewing room.  I still need to take pictures of my sewing and cutting area.  I am trying to decide if I want to take separate pictures or just one big one.

Or I may go into that unusual block I told you about last time, it is finished.  It actually feels good to finish something, it has been so long.  Anyone have a preference?

Sew Having Fun!