Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slow but Sure, Progress

It has been over 6 weeks since I started renovating my sewing room.  I won’t call it a studio because it is not huge and spacious nor is the light that good.  But it is a good sized room though not a shape that I think works well for quilting, at least for me.  There are windows or a door on every wall in this room.  This really makes it hard to arrange things in a room.

This week I had my laminate flooring installed.  I got all my wood blinds installed except one, I bought the wrong size.  One out of nine isn’t bad, is it?  And it was for the door.  I also got two walls lined with shelves 11 down from the ceiling.  These shelves are for my tins.  I love my tins and really like the way they look.  I prefer old and new advertising tins.  I will post pictures when I get everything back in place, especially of the tins.

But I am now ready to start moving things back into the room, FINALLY!  My cutting table is in there and my two sets of shelves are attached to the wall.  I am about to set up my sewing table and get my computer back in place.  Then it will be time to start making trips back in from the garage and fabric from the closet.  I can hardly wait.

Speaking of the garage, I was looking for something in the garage to do the last of my painting this afternoon.  We leave the garage door up a lot when the weather is nice.  This morning I noticed a bird in there.  He spent the night in there.  I have a barrister bookcase out there that has two baskets of fabric on one shelf.  They stuck out so I could not close them.  While looking for whatever it was I was looking for, I found the start of that bird’s nest in one of those baskets.  It is not the first time we have had wren’s nests in the garage, but must they build one in my nicely folded, washed, ironed orange and rust fabric?  I will keep a better eye open until all my stuff is back where it belongs.

Until next time,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slow But Sure…Progress

It has been awhile since I posted.  That means I have been busy, I hope.  I did go to the quilt show, it was nice and there were a lot of really nice reproduction quilts this year.  Seems to me like more than normal.  I did not take any pictures.  Most were real simple.  Besides, for me it is basically the fabrics that make the quilt.

I did come home from the show to a sick dog.  My Bassett Hound, Zeke, somehow had gotten pancreatitis.  He will eat anything and had gotten into some cat treats.  And that was evidently too much fat for him and he spent the weekend at the vet.  He came home on Monday, after over $400 later.  Poor baby, but I will do just about anything for my animals.

My room is coming along slow but sure.  It is all primed, trim is basically painted and the walls will come next.  After painting the trim, I am afraid it will take two topcoats of paint.  Oh well.  I have had to go slow because of my shoulder and I have had to make several trips to town lately but I hope to be ready to have new laminate installed by the end of this week.  I finally have an itch to sew after all these months and I think I should take advantage of it.  I have never made a string quilt and I ran across a cute little little idea for miniature string quilt.  It would be quick and easy and be a good way to try out my new sewing arrangement when I get my room back together.  I know I can find tons of pieces to cut small strips from in my scrap tin.  I must remember to throw some cheddar in there.