Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Starting Over

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post.  We still have cleanup from the tornado last April as limbs continue to drop out.  I have been to 3 retreats since I last wrote and also visited my folks for a couple weeks.  But the last few months I have been sewing.  Really rare for me.  I attribute it to stopping a medication.

I am in an orange mood for a while.  As I get older I am really liking orange.  I will wear orange when I am an old woman instead of purple.

Here is a picture of a top I completed since last retreat.  It still needs quilting.


I gave the gals 8 small frog preprinted blocks.  It was not a challenge or anything, I just saw them and ordered them. I got the extras and I had been wanting to try the Exploding Pineapple block by Karin Hellaby from her first book Sew Simple Pineapple.  The first link will take you to her website and the link on the book will take you to YouTube for a video by Checker Distributors showing you this easy technique.

I call this piece Stitch for Stars!  My students at retreat have a tendency to go crazy over the frog stickers I give out IF they rip on a block.  I also give them a star sticker when they complete the block.  They have gotten to the point when I asked if they ripped they just say: “Of course, you need to ask?” or something similar.  So I have gotten tough and now look if they say and try to prove them wrong.  A lot of times I do.  I think they now realize that frog stickers don’t come free just because you are working on a Dear Jane block or Nearly Insane or something even easier than those two collections of blocks.

I don’t want to wear myself or you out here, so I will go sew on something.  Next time I will let you see what my new project is and show you another piece that was completely done since I last talked with you.

Sew Having Fun,