Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello 2013!

It seems like forever since I wrote, close to a year.  But after that last post my year went downhill from there.  Last year was not good for me.  I lost my dad, 3 pets and my husband was in the hospital with meningitis/encephalitis.  This year has got to be better.  Right?  It can’t be much worse is the way I look at it.  It has to be better.

I have not been busy sewing other some applique’ now and then.  I got a new Bassett mix and he is still very much a puppy and into anything made of fiber-cotton, cellulose, thread.  Plus some things that are not edible.  If he’s not chewing, he’s in my lap.  His name is Clooso, like Inspector Clouseau.  He is not the smartest dog we have had, but he definitely has personality.100_1068

I have had one retreat already this year and I had a great time as usual.  I actually finished 2 of my applique’ blocks for my 4 block quilt that I started close to 10 years ago.   Now to finish the other 2 with a dog in my lap.  But any progress is a good thing for me.                                                                                PF crop

This block I adapted from a pattern booklet I adapted from one of Mrs. Scioto Danner’s catalogs.  It said it was for a 24” block but I did not think it filled the block enough so I redid it to where I thought it filled the block better.  The original 9 block had sashing between the blocks so I think that is why it said it was for a 24” block.  The original of this quilt is (or was) in the Denver Art Museum

I have also drafted the block from the plate I talked about in my last post…Inspiration!  I drew it for a 20” block and am thinking about a 9-block quilt with red and green on a cheddar background.  Only time will tell if I get around to it.

I think that’s enough for this post.  I will do my best to blog more in 2013; I do enjoy it.

Sew having fun!



  1. Sarah, so glad to see you back in blogland. I too hope 2013 treats you better. Your block is beautiful as all of your work.

  2. Your applique block is gorgeous! Welcome to Clooso! He looks adorable.

  3. Sarah, I love the block based on the block in Mrs. danger. Do you have the pattern for sale. I love the quirkiness of this and just might to make it!